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The Case for Assisted Shopping

In the past year, 75 million baby boomers began turning age 62 at the rate of 12,000 per day. Ahead of them are 35 million senior citizens age 65+. Why are they important? Unlike younger generations, the baby boomers control the majority of all assets. They are the most ready, willing and able shoppers in the market. Seniors and baby boomers are important to retailers because they control 77% of all financial assets in the country and spend over 2 trillion dollars a year in consumer spending - that is over 600 billion dollars a year in retail stores like yours.

People with disabilities represent the largest and fastest growing subgroup. In addition to the baby boomers and seniors, at any given time there are 24 million surgery out patients each year and another 4 million pregnant women in their final trimester. So, ask yourself this... What are these shoppers looking for in a shopping experience? They are looking for a shopping experience characterized by comfort, convenience, and security to name a few things. They are looking for the comfort, convenience, and security that only a Mart Cart can provide.